【New arrivals】Refond launched new 0807 RGB LED to be the top seller for scene decoration!!!

The night fall, the ornamental lights have just lit up

The streets of the city can be found everywhere

Visions of lights

Some are graceful

Some are comfort and cozy

Some are gorgeous and colorful

Some are cool and superfine


 Lights are everywhere that decorate people's lives

Sketch the outline and soul of the city

When the lights shone, the combination of light and shade with the right color, rendering set off the extraordinary style and elegance of the contemporary city, at the same time, creating a beautiful landscape. It is not the light that touches the soul, but the eternal beauty of light and shadow. 

The designer wants to express a beauty of light and shadow, like Xishi who is a famous beautiful girl. Whatever her makeup is, Xishi always radiates with beauty. This kind of beauty of light and shadow is also as the stature as the most beautiful girl who is Song's neighbor, which is too long if increase even one point and too short if decrease even one point. (A story from Yu Song who is famous in Song dynasty)Its beauty should be "inclusive of all things" and a kind of "just right" to keep becoming better. Refond people has upheld 19 years of enthusiasm and sincerity for light, and has committed to using products to express our understanding of light and shadow, for a wonderful presentation of a better life which is our mission. To achieve this mission, our product engineers have repeatedly communicated with many well-known light and shadow designers, IC designing manufacturers and finished-product manufacturers, constantly listened to their voices, improving product design solutions. Finally, Chip LED 0807 RGB comes with smart IC products has been created, enabling our products to help designers present their inspirations and exquisite decoration in each space, to achieve their "inclusive of all things" and a design beauty of "just right".

The Refond Optoelectronics 0807 RGB point control series of CHIP LED product are packaged with blue, green and red chip. The three primary colors of each pixel can not only achieve 256 levels of brightness display, but also make 16777216 kinds of true colors completely be displayed, evenly spreading colorful lights and shadows, blooming extraordinary artistic effects.

This product can directly match the DMX512 control system through an intelligent decoder. This system is an intelligent decoder with its own effect. It can be used with a single power supply. If our customer wants to combine the products into a display board, they could use the DMX512 controller to control the light color directly. It is a simple, convenient and practical way which is an intelligent APP control, achieving invisible and transparent. Whether it is pure white or jumping colors, it can create a popular fashion of light and shadow.


?0807 RGB point control series products are widely used in:

1. Lighting decoration

2. Leisure town

3. Shopping mall

4. Scene home

5. Canopy tunnel

6. 3D effect lighting decoration

7. Large flat transparent screen

The advantages of 0807 RGB point control series products from Refond Optoelectronics:

Full color point control, single point single control

The three primary colors of each pixel can realize 256 levels of brightness display

Built-in point control IC for lamp beads (16777216 colors per lamp bead)

Intelligent programming, works with universal DMX512 controller;

When applied, only two wires are needed to control the LED device

Low power consumption, wide viewing angle, soft light, brilliant colors, non-glare

Product patent design, with clip lights and positive stickers

Ruifeng Optoelectronics has committed to the research, development and production of LED light sources. With the mission of "innovative enrich life", professional R & D team of Refond will continue to innovate to introduce more high quality, healthy and functional LED light source products.While meeting the diversified needs of customers, promote the continuous innovation and development of light quality!

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